Donnerstag, 21. September 2017

A new card


I am just jumping in to show you a card I made some days ago.
I got inspired by Pinterest, where I saw a similar card.

Dienstag, 11. April 2017

Sewing things

Hi friends,
 today I want to share with you my latest sewing projects.
As I told you a while ago, one of my good friends is pregnant. Next monday is her birthday and I  want to give her something not only for herself but also for her baby girl. And to practice sewing I made her 2 burb clothes and 2 binky holders. You can find a lot of easy patterns on Pinterest.

The next thing I want to try is a baby pant like this:


This is so cute.....đŸ˜șđŸ˜» 

Hope to see ya all soon with a goooood looking little baby pant.

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

My dolls arrived

Hey  everyone,

today I am here to show you my new doll and the head I ordered in November last year. They arrived on monday. Thanx to DIM-Doll who marked the package with just 60$. This way I only had to pay
~11€ on customs.

 The package:

DIM Love Bellosse:
 DIM Happy Benetia:

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2017

New doll to arrive

OMG I don´t know what to say....
On November 24th I ordered a new doll and a doll head from DIM- Doll in mind. I was in love with 2 of their dolls since I started the hobby in 2009. But last November I noticed that they would close their shop for a while and sold the dolls for a much cheaper price.
So I took my chance to get my so much loved Benetia doll and a Bellosse head.
Today I checked my order status and it said before shipping. YAY!

So...soon there will be another doll in the house.
This is Benetia

 and this is Bellosse

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Cuddly blanket

Hello friends!

Today I made the cuddly blanket I told you some days ago. Here you find the original instruction in german.
First I sewed the ribbons on one piece of fabric.

 I sewed a label on the other piece of fabric and added some interface.
 Then i added the plastic foil and sewed both pieces right sides together. I turned it inside out and closed the opening. This is the result.

I´d like to take part on Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Chill. Because this is a toy for kids to help them chill out.
I hope my good friend will like it...
This toy was really easy to make. Go - make your own.

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

Hey everyone....

some days ago my order with some ribbons arrived. Now i have everything to sew such a cute little " cuddly blanket" I showed you last week.These are the ribbons I got:

cute elephants
 people and animals
 Red with white dots
 thick cord and elastic cord

and the ones I already had

little pandas 
 crazy bunny
 blue fox

I will use every ribbon exept the monsters, the bambi and the fox.
The pictures show the fabrics I will use, too.
For the pacifier/binky holder I still need the clip and the adapter, so i can´t sew it now.
The pieces, I ordered via Amazon, ship from Hongkong... So it will take some time to get them.

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017



today I want to share a card with you. After a loooong time I take part again at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge. The theme is: square.
For this theme I used my new thin dies to cut the square. Its a baby card.
I embossed the blue background paper. I used a small piece of vintage seam binding and some Prima say it in crystals. The square cut paper is from the new paper packs i bought on friday.

Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

new fabrics


As i want to start sewing i ordered some fabrics. My first project will be a binky holder and a
toy like this:

I don´t know what it is called in english....
It has some crackle/crinkle plastic foil inside.
It will be for a friend. She expects her first child.
Therefor i ordered some light and bright fabrics that are good for boys and girls, cause we don´t know what it will be yet.

I am still waiting for an order and then i can start...I hope I will not fail at it...

Big craft haul...

Hello friends

Today I am back with a huge craft haul. Warning: picture heavy!
I was in a shopping mall yesterday to go for our weekly grocery shopping trip.
I was looking for a new jacket too. As I was going through the mall I thought it can´t be wrong to visit the "Tedi-Shop" (It´s kind of a Dollar-store here in Germany). And guess what...
I found sooooooo many cute craft supplies there. So everybody in Germany - go to Tedi!
Here are my treasures:

A small bottle with about 20 buttons.
 Cute lables. I want to start sewing so i had to take these. In other shops they cost so much more
 Some ribbons with vintage motifs
 ZickZack ribbons
 more ribbons
2 packs of washi tape

And now for the paper packs. The size is 14.8x21 cm. It is only printed on one side. And as you can see there are 8 designs. Every design you get 4 times.


The following packs are bigger in size. they are 15x30 cm(~6"x12"). I bought 3.

And now 30,5x30,5cm(12"x12"). First there is a pack with solid colors.

 followed by 4 design paper packs. Every pack has 24 different designs. they are double sided so you get every design 2 times.

last there are the small 15x15cm(6"x6") packs.

That was my craft haul. If you like what you see go to Tedi and get your own. :-)