Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

The last roses

Hey everyone out there!

I have not been here for a while now. As always, there is much to do in the garden during summer.
I tried to grow some potatoes and carots, chard and radish in big pots and it worked.
Today i cut the last roses in my garden. Don´t they look beautiful. I love roses.

Here are some photos from our garden this summer.

Some of my hostas.

 The tearing heart.

 My rhododendron.

Two of the many columbine that grow here.
I have them in different colors.

 My Eden rose

The big bags where i planted my potatoes. Next year i need bigger ones!

I not only spent a lot of time in the garden, i also spend a lot of time crocheting. I made 3 hats (one for our niece and 2 for our cute little nephews that where born in Juli) a scarf(for our niece) and some granny squares, that i´d like to use for a blanket.

I and i found a wonderful blog that i love to read.
Carolyn and her husband have such a beautiful garden and so many vintage things in their house. 
I could watch the photos every day. I wish i would find such nice thing here.
I hope that i have more time for papercrafting soon, so i can share something with you.
On Saturday i will goo to a craft and hobby fair with a friend. I hope i will find some of the things i am looking for.
And on monday i will go to a concert of my favourite band: SUEDE.

See you soon!!!