Samstag, 19. November 2016

My new scarf

As I promised yesterday I managed to sew my scarf. I bought a precut set last year 😣. I just have to sew a ribbon and a little button, but the main part is finished.

I hope to stay in this creative mood and that I will finish some cards today and/or  tomorrow.

Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Here I am again....

Hey there!

It´s been a while since my last post. but I am still "alive":-)
I did.not craft a lot and the aviary will be a dream for a long time. Reason...Sammy died and now... now it´s even more difficult to convince my hubby to get an aviary and a pair (or two)  of budgies.
I really guess the only way is to save a lot of money to build an outdoor aviary. But this may cost about 5000 € plus a license to build it. I don´t know how much this will cost.

I did not have much time for crafting. I hope to sew a bit this weekend. and make some cards for Christmas.
I have been shopping for craft supplies last month on 3 craft and hobbie fairs . I bought a lot of paper, especially G45, some things to make my own jewelery and fabrics.
Another thing I did during the last month: I have set up a new aquarium. It´s a small cube with 30 L. I like Aquascapes and I hope ours will look good.
We bought it last year I think, but we were not so lucky with it. We planted everything and it worked well but the shrimps that lived in there died slowly, one after one. We bought new shrimps and it happend again. Maybe the water was too warm.
Now I will try to have some shrimpys again or maybe a pair of Betta Splendens. Wish me luck.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Montag, 14. MĂ€rz 2016

No aviary for my garden

Now it is reality... My dream will not come true. There is no way to build an aviary in our garden.
Now I will build an aviary in my room for 4 budgies.
Well, it is better than nothing, right?!
I have to buy some new furniture for my room now and I need to rearrange my room, so the aviary will fit inside.

Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

No answer...

from the lady at the building inspection office til now...
Is this a good or bad sign?
Fingers crossed everything will go well for me, and for Sammy too.

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

Not so good news...

Today i got the answer from the lady at the building inspection office.
In our state its not possible to build an aviary like mine without a planning and building permission.

So I answered and asked the lady if there is any kind of aviary I could build, maybe smaller or combined with our house, or an altered caravan. Because I want to have a habitat for the budgies that is as natural/animal friendly as possible. I really hope she has good news.

Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

A dream comes true!!!

As I told you in my last post I´ll try to save some money during the year. First I thought I could use the saved money to buy a new doll or new furniture. But last weekend something incredible happened. My husband "allowed" me to build an aviary in our garden.

I have to say that I have budgies since I´m nine years old. But everytime one bird dies you buy a new one and then the older bird dies, you buy a new one... it´s a never ending story. So we both decided we would not buy a new one when our 3 birds die. So Coco died and 1 year later Susi. Sammy was left alone...
And that made me so sad that I always asked my husband if I could get a friend for her. Maybe for 3 or 4 years. Last weekend he was kind of angry, because when he asked for my birthday wishes the first thing I said was: a budgie... This is always my first answer whenever he askes what I wish for.
He was a bit angry and said I should not say "budgie" everytime he asks. My answers was: As long as Sammy lives, this will always be my first answer.

Then he said: Well, budgies are a kind of hobby, right?! Like my saltwalter tank. If you save the money(~5000€) you can build an aviary in the garden. I guess he thinks i will never save so much money alone...

YAY, I didn´t need more.... In my head I was always thinking about what I would do, if I ever get the chance to do this. So there are already many ideas in my little brain :-)

I want to have 6 budgies and 4 cockatiels. And I already know where my first budgie and the first pair of cockatiels will come from. The rest should come frome animal shelters.

My aviary should look like the one Silvia at www.wellivilla.de  has.
Same size, nearly the same layout for the house. But different decoration inside, of course.

I hope to have the money in one year, so we can start to build everything in early spring 2017.

To help me to spend less money on not so important things like clothes, jewelery or magazines, I started to go to the cash point every monday, get 40 € and then I put my credit card away. This way I only have 40 € every week. The money thats left on sunday gets into an extra pot and next monday i start with 40 € again. The left over money I can use to go shopping or later for my aviary too.

I am so excited about this. I want this aviary as soon as possible.

Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

Happy New Year...

Hey friends. I hope you had a wonderful Christmastime and a good start into 2016.

As you may know many people start the new year with some New Years Resolutions.
Normally I don´t do that, but this year my resolution is to save some money. I found a post somewhere in the internet. I will try to put some money away like they did.
So you start on the first day of the year with 1 Cent or Penny, next day 2 Cent/Pennies  til December 31st (366 days) 3,66 Euro/Dollar. They say, this way you safe 664,61 Euro/Dollar over 1 year. Lets see how far I will get.
I think the first 100 days will be easy, but then it gets harder to put away 1 Euro/Dollar every day. I think I have to set my alarm so I don´t forget it. and I have a calendar to sign that I have put the money away every day.
With the saved money I will buy a new BJD or some new furniture for my craftroom.

So wish me luck everybody.