Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

Happy New Year...

Hey friends. I hope you had a wonderful Christmastime and a good start into 2016.

As you may know many people start the new year with some New Years Resolutions.
Normally I don´t do that, but this year my resolution is to save some money. I found a post somewhere in the internet. I will try to put some money away like they did.
So you start on the first day of the year with 1 Cent or Penny, next day 2 Cent/Pennies  til December 31st (366 days) 3,66 Euro/Dollar. They say, this way you safe 664,61 Euro/Dollar over 1 year. Lets see how far I will get.
I think the first 100 days will be easy, but then it gets harder to put away 1 Euro/Dollar every day. I think I have to set my alarm so I don´t forget it. and I have a calendar to sign that I have put the money away every day.
With the saved money I will buy a new BJD or some new furniture for my craftroom.

So wish me luck everybody.