Meine BJDs

Hi everybody!
Today i will show you my Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD).
The first one ist Rani, a Felix Doll Brownie. I got her on September 30th 2009.
I bought her because of... well... the price. When I was looking for my first BJD there where some that I wanted to have. But for me, as a first-time doll buyer, most of them were to expensive. So I chooose Felix Doll.
I never regretted my choice. She has such a tiny little and cute face and I absolutely adore her little elfears.
It was wonderful to hold this tiny doll in my hands for the first time. She looked like made from marzipan, so scrumptious.
Because ther was an event sale at Felix Doll shop, I bought her a wig, some shoes, some other hands and another head and got another head for free.
Now I had a full doll and 2 extra heads.
In a dollforum they hosted a group order for Felix Doll and the present was a body. Nobody wanted that body so I got it for 50€.
This way I got another Felix Doll called Alice in December 2009.

Then there is Darlene, a Bobobie March. I bought her from the money I got on my birthday. She has beautiful white skin.

And it goes on with a Lati Yellow Lea. She is a special doll from a Lati event. She is Alice from the Alice in Wonderland event. I bought her second hand. I named her Violetta.

The next doll I got was a Planetdoll Mini Riz. She is also second hand and her name is Isabell.

The last doll I own is a Fairyland Pukifee Luna. I named her Luna because I liked the  name.

Then there are some spare heads I own. I use them to practice face ups. I don´t think I will ever earn some money with face ups, but its fun to do.

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