Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Today is a wonderful day....

After 2 hard weeks, filled with tears, sorrow and pain, i had a great day today.
I got a call from our radio station (BB-Radio) that we are listening to, during work. Last friday i was taking part on a competition for 2 flight tickets to London and 200 € pocket money! And today they called me, to tell me that i have won.....
Great, isn't it!?
I asked my dad if he would like to come with me. He said yes. I think this will be a good relief for us.
I am such a "great Britain Fan" and ,of course, i love London. I have been there one time in 1997 and it was to less time to see all the interesting thing.
So today i was looking for a good and not so expensive hotel. I was also looking through my London guidebooks to think about where i would like to go to.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Tag for February

Hey there...

this week i worked on the Tim Holtz Tag for February. For his Chalkboard technique i used a Cameo stamp so that this tag also fits for the Simon SaysStamp challenge: A Cameo Appearance.
I think I heat embossed the powder a little too much. It was not so easy for the chalk to stay on the paper. But for my first try i think it looks ok.

This Tag is dedicated to my Mom who died last week. It´s the first thing i created since that day. I think she would have loved it. I miss her a lot.

Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Non crafty things

Hey everyone,

today i have a non crafty post for you all.

Earlier this week we ordered a small aquarium, a Dennerle Nano cube 30 Complete plus.
We want it to stay on our computer table. The package arrived on thursday. After work we shopped some plants and wood pieces for decoration. On friday we started to decorate an fill the aquarium.
It is going to be the home for some red  and blue shrimps and a male Betta Splendens with 2 female Bettas.

That´s how it looks like for now. It´s our first try on Aquascaping.