Freitag, 11. November 2011

Bulk garbage ans Simon says stamp and show

Hey Bloggers,

yesterday i found a "nice" old meat safe in our neighbours bulk garbage. A few days ago i just looked at such a meat safe in an Online shop and it was not cheap...
So i took it with me.
I have to clean it , its very dirty.

I don´t know what i will use it for. Maybe in the garden for decorating or in my room for putting my things in.

And then there is another Simon says stamp and show Challenge called Up-cycle or Re-cycle.
For this i have to tell you a little story.
Next year in May i will marry. As we don´t need things for us we said we want money for our Honeymoon.
Sometimes people steal things from partys, so i decided we need something where the guest can throw in the cards and the money. I thougt a big vintage birdcage would be cool. But they are very expensive. Last weekend we had a trip to Lüneburg where i saw a very small birdcage for 25 €.
As i saw the challenge i decided to make a box myself from an old shoebox I used for photos.
Here it is

I started by painting the box 3 times with white acrylic paint. I used a foam brush for it and dabbed the color on to get some texture. the 3rd layer i dried with the heat tool to make the color bubble and create more texture this way.
On top of the box i put some clear UTEE in the wet color so it get some shine. you can see this in the 3rd pic in the black circle.
After everything was dry i cut out a slit on top where people can throw in their cards.
This slit i covered with white ribbon from the inside of the box.
I also added some Distress stickles in , i think, diamond. You can see this in the 3rd pic in the red circle.
In one corner on top i glued another small box that i painted white and decorated with white ribbon and lace.
On this small box stays the bridal couple, wich is also recycled. I got it from my boyfriends sister-in-law. it was on one of her Wedding gifts she got 4 years ago.
I decorated aroung the small box with pink Prima Flowers and some other flowers too.
I also used Prima Bling and 4 small pearl strands.
Around the lid i glued a white ribbon and a green one on top of this.

Have a nice weekend



  1. Your wedding gift box is absolutely precious! I love your idea. It is a great way to recycle an old box and is a beautiful way to alleviate a problem of wedding cards "walking off". Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. XO, Candy

  2. Beautiful way to up-cycle/re-cycle and wonderful that you'll get to use it at your wedding! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your art with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show!

    Ellen :)