Dienstag, 11. September 2012


Hey bloggers,

sorry, it took more than a day to update. I totaly forgot about it!
So today i have some pics of the things we did the last week.
First there is the new car :-)
The new grass in front of our house/on the street

And maybe you remember a picture in April
The grass is growing and green, we have a water barrel.

 And i created a flower bed for my Eden Rose 85 and the Phlox


At the plantmarket i bought a beautyful phlox, some Hostas, a fern, a heuchera and a white marguerite. And in the gardencentre i bought the Eden Rose.

Last sunday i was at the fleamarket where i got some old books, a wooden box, 2 old spoons and 2 silver (i think its silver) trays.

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