Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

Big craft haul...

Hello friends

Today I am back with a huge craft haul. Warning: picture heavy!
I was in a shopping mall yesterday to go for our weekly grocery shopping trip.
I was looking for a new jacket too. As I was going through the mall I thought it can´t be wrong to visit the "Tedi-Shop" (It´s kind of a Dollar-store here in Germany). And guess what...
I found sooooooo many cute craft supplies there. So everybody in Germany - go to Tedi!
Here are my treasures:

A small bottle with about 20 buttons.
 Cute lables. I want to start sewing so i had to take these. In other shops they cost so much more
 Some ribbons with vintage motifs
 ZickZack ribbons
 more ribbons
2 packs of washi tape

And now for the paper packs. The size is 14.8x21 cm. It is only printed on one side. And as you can see there are 8 designs. Every design you get 4 times.


The following packs are bigger in size. they are 15x30 cm(~6"x12"). I bought 3.

And now 30,5x30,5cm(12"x12"). First there is a pack with solid colors.

 followed by 4 design paper packs. Every pack has 24 different designs. they are double sided so you get every design 2 times.

last there are the small 15x15cm(6"x6") packs.

That was my craft haul. If you like what you see go to Tedi and get your own. :-)

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