Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Day 2 in London

the second day of our trip we wanted to start with a great breakfast. In the internet i found a cool "restaurant"  called "The breakfast Club". When i found it i just thought: I have to go ther for breakfast. Luckily there was one not far from our hotel near the Liverpool station. I did not have the correct adress so we just looked for it where i thought it should be, but we did not find it. In the evening i searched for the correct adress so we could go there the next day.
We then had our breakfast at McDonalds....
Then we started into the day with a visit at Madame Tussauds. There were many people and although we bought our tickets online we had to wait longer than those people who bought there tickets there...

Did i mention i like Bollywood films and SRK?!

For 1pm we had booked a table at Jamie Olivers italien Restaurant at Picadilly Circus. The food was yummie. I loved the Pavlova i had for dessert. So sad we don´t have one in Germany. Great food and a cool atmosphere.

From the restaurant we took the Tube to Harrods. It was ..... phenomenal. the architecture inside and outside, the things they sell... everything. we bought some scones and muffins for our next rest.

From Harrods we walked to the Royal Albert Hall. A beautiful building with so much music history inside.

From the Albert statue on the other side of the street we walked throught the park to get to Kensington Palace where we took a rest and ate our scones and muffins. There were so many squirrels and they were very tame, so cute.

With new power we walked to Holland park. I left my good friend Franziska on a bench for a rest and discovered the park. My friend ist not as much interested in gardening as i am...

From there we used the Tube to get to St. Pauls Cathedral. Later we walked through Chinatown, where we had dinner. The day ended at Cings Kross station where we looked for Platfor 9 3/4 and the Harry Potter Shop, but we could not find it. So we headed back to the hotel.

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