Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Vacation in the Netherlands

We spend some days in the Netherlands, Den Haag. We stayed at the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel which is directly at the beach...
We arrived there Monday evening.
Tuesday we visited the Rotterdam Zoo and after this we drove into the citycenter for shopping. But in the Netherlands most shops close at 6 pm so we had only 1 hour for shopping.
The Zoo is so beautiful with huge territories for the animals. The Oceanium is awesome, the big hall with the butterflies too. You should go there when you are in Rotterdam.
Another cool thing. There are some animals without real barriers, like the marmots. As you can see in the first 2 pics - i could reach out my hand and try to grab one.

After dinner we drove back to Den Haag.

Wednesday we drove to Amsterdam for sightseeing and shopping too. We parked our car in a big car park not far from Madame Tussauds. It was very expensive. 2€ for 20 min.....We stayed there for about 3-4 hours. I should say, we wanted to stay, cause on the way back to our car there where so many policecars, bikes and officers. The street we wanted to walk was closed and we had to go another way. When we reached the street where the car park was.... it was closed.... We could not get into the carpark. We asked the officer why we cannot get to our car and he just said that there is a problem. He could not tell how long we had to wait. We just said: Hey, our car is inside this house and its very expensive to stay there... He knew but didn't do anything
So we walked the streets a little more looked for a toilet and went back- still a barrier. We heared some people talkin about a bomb threat... OK, This could take longer...we asked again and they said 3-4 hours... holy shit.... We took another walk to the central train station and also looked for a cheap place to eat thats not fast food. We did´nt find anything.

We slowly walked back to the street and the barrier was gonne, we thought.... but it was just a few meters nearer at the car park, still no way to get inside. So we just took a seat on the stairs of a building nearby. After maybe 10 min. the barrier was open. After all we spend more than 8 hours in Amsterdam. For our parking ticket this would have been a full day (50€), oh no. But when we got inside there was a young man telling us, that today parking is for free, because of the circumstances. Yay!!! Doing the happy dance!!!!

Thursday we spend in Den Haag with sightseeing til 3pm and then 2 hours at the beach.

Friday we left at 10.30 am. We stopped at Palais Het Loo in Appeldoorn for 2 hours and arrived home at 9.15 pm.

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  1. Hi Jane, So cool to see your city trip pictures and stories about my country :). Hugs, Sandra